Listed on these pages you will find some products that you may find useful in your marketing. If you are just starting out then please visit our sister site where you will find information about the different types of marketing and how to go about your marketing.

Products may come in the form of software, electronic or physical. I deal mainly in the electronic product as the are delivered immediately on payment, whereas you have to wait for the delivery of physical product. Also  with an electronic product it really does not matter where in the world you live. Everything is dealt with online quickly and efficiently with an absolute minimum of fuss.

The products listed may be there to give you information or they may also be there to give you something to sell. There are products with personal use only which means you have no right to pass them on. There are products with giveaway rights, products with resell rights, products with master resell rights and products with private label rights. It is your responsibility to check the rights you have with each product you buy.

There is a brief explanation of these rights on the pages they appear on but if you want to learn more about each of the rights then please visit our sister site where there will be more information about each of the rights including personal use only rights.

There are no pages on this site listing personal use only rights but you may buy or otherwise obtain products that are for your personal use only.

You may obtain goods with personal use only from some of the joint venture (JV) giveaways that appear on the internet. There is more information about these on our sister site.

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