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Hello my name is Derek Barrington and I would like to welcome you to First Learn How To.

First Learn How To is primarily for newbies and much of what will be discussed over these pages will be of the basic marketing variety, but more involved items will also be looked into. So if you are involved in any type of marketing there should be something here that will be of interest to you.

As with all marketing and training sites First Learn How To will be regularly updated with new information. The giveaway pages will be updated on a daily basis or as new information on giveaways becomes available.

As First Learn How To is developed we will get more involved with each subject, so I advise you to visit often if you have any interest in marketing of any type. Because of the nature of the internet things are changing constantly and you need to change to keep up with the current trends.

I will attempt to keep First Learn How To up with the trends as they happen. This in turn will keep you aware of what is happening in an ever changing internet market, but First Learn How To use the simple ways of doing things.

Many subjects will be covered going from the older styles of marketing and carrying on through to the most modern techniques being employed by marketers. So we will look at ad exchange marketing, affiliate marketing, article marketing, offline marketing, online marketing, safelist marketing and traffic exchange marketing to name just a few.

We will also look at the different ways some of these can be introduced and advertised on the internet. i.e. by using audio and or video as well as the written word.

Everything discussed on the site will be listed in the menu bar, so if you cannot see what you are interested in listed currently then it is still going through the rigorous vetting process. If you wish to address me about anything to do with internet marketing feel free to use one of the systems listed on the contact page.

If you are using email, remember I am in the UK, so there may be a time difference to take into consideration when waiting for a reply.

There are many different views about what works and what doesn't when it comes to internet marketing. One person will tell you they have had success with email marketing while another will tell you that traffic exchanges are the best method. Someone else will tell you article marketing is the only way to go.

What was used or worked for them may not help you. In a lot of cases the way you go about your advertising may be the problem. You may need to change the way you do things to give any particular advertising method a fair crack of the whip.

Some of these views can be misleading as it is down to the person writing about them often giving a personal opinion of what has worked for them in the past. I prefer to take the view that all of the marketing ideas are of use if they are used in the correct manner and for the correct promotion. Whichever method or system you use, list building should be your ultimate aim and to that end you will need a reliable autoresponder. Autoresponders and list building will be discussed more fully on their respective pages.

When it comes to internet marketing I think almost everyone agrees that the money is in the list. So you need to think about how you are going to build and develop your list. As I mentioned previously you will need an autoresponder to handle your list building.

You may be interested in affiliate marketing where you don't have the hassle of dealing directly with the customers, but of course there is a premium to pay for that privilege. You receive a percentage of the value of the item that is being sold. It doesn't matter if it is an 'e product' or a physical product. First Learn How To do it properly and then you will have a far better success rate.

You will learn as you go along that all the marketing methods available on the internet can be mixed to get you the best possible response to your advertising. You will find with experience that different marketing methods work better than others for some types of promotion. I will try to point you in the correct direction for the differing methods.

We will be looking at both free and paid versions of the marketing tools and resources but initially the emphasis will be on free versions with just three exceptions. These are a domain name, hosting and an autoresponder service.

In some respects free tools and free resources are as good and effective as the paid ones. Often the more expensive marketing tools and resources need a lot less time and effort to use, but until you are showing some success I would sugest you stick with the free tools and resources, with the exception of the hosting and the autoresponder service.

You will not get very far at all without having these services available to you. For information about why these need to be the paid and not free versions see the relevant page(s) on this site.

To help you even more please go to the top left of this page and sign up for a free newsletter. You should find this of interest to you and you will also be able to pick up the occasional free gift.

The free newsletter will give you information about internet marketing as well as keeping you up to date on what is happening on the First Learn How To website.

May I take this opportunity of wishing you well in any and all of your endeavours. If you have any questions then please use the contact page to pass information on to me. Feel free to contact me if you see me on line on any of the messaging services I use.

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